The Auditor's Department is responsible for filing all Homestead Deductions, Mortgage Exemptions, Sales Disclosures, and eligibilities for other property tax deductions: age related, disabilities, geo-thermal and Veterans. 

The Auditor’s office completes all property transfers via deeds and other acceptable documents. The office gathers the property assessments and submits them to the state of Indiana.

The Auditor’s Office maintains the records of the actions of the Pike County Council, the county’s fiscal body.  

Auditor Staff:

  • Judith Gumbel - Auditor
  • Misty Brenton - Deputy, Claims
  • Kelli Gordon - Deputy, Payroll
  • Audra Woodhull - Deputy Excise Tax and Tax Sales
  • Jean Shoultz - Deputy, Property Mapping
  • Cathy Traylor - Deputy, County Receipts